70’s Tresses Were Totally Radical Dude!

20 11 2010

The 70’s woman was bold, flamboyant, and had lots of chutzpah. They were Chocolate goddesses with tons of sex appeal. They Loved, had their hearts broken and had the “nuts” to declare to the world and the men they previously loved that “I Will Survive”.The 70’s woman was all about total Feminine Liberation.

All 70’s women were confident. All 70’s women were expressive. All 70’s women had “Tress Freedom”.

Bold hair ruled in the 70’s.Here are is a sample few of the Ladies that ruled the 70’s


Tina Turner In Long Sulrty Locks



Tina Turner- In a Textured Rugged Fro'

Tammi Terrel- In a sleek and appealing short Do.

Roberta Flack- In a Fun clean Fro'

Grace Jones - In a Short Short Do....love the Line

Grace Jones- In a Shirt that is Also a head scarf..

Grace Jones- In a Block Hair Cut (This is Fierce Stuff ya'll)

Glorai Gaynor- In a Clean Fro'

I love Gloria In this Jacket + Hat

Donna Summer- In Luxurious Curly Locks.

Donna Summer- 20's inspired bangs.

Chaka Khan- All golden+ Big hair

Chaka Khan- In kinky big hair---by the way I looooovvvee this look on CK......Just soo FUN!


Aretha- In a clean Fro.- I bet you never thought she had it in her.

And then, there is the Queen Bee. The “Head Honcho”. The “Baddest B”. “Numero Uno”…….

DIANA – “omg ! I will pass out if I ever met her” – ROSS.



How come women don't wear flowers in their hair anymore????

Bangs + Flips= FIERCE

Signature D - Long, Curly, Kinky.


Hello world!

18 11 2010

"Big = Fierce"For a year,  I have sat at my cubicle crunching numbers (another boring day for an Accounting Analyst), Usually, I sneak  a peek behind my back to make sure my boss is not looking and proceed to minimized my internet screen .Then, I ogle  blogs coming from the east coast of the Northern hemisphere. New York and Chicago Blogs about afro centric hair, tree braids and beautiful Remi and virgin hair extensions that transform women. (I am particularly a sucker for Kinky and curly hair)I have wanted to try ALL the looks featured in these blogs. I want to literary rock every hair style imaginable and use my head as a blank canvas. I want to explore at least 20 of Beyonce’s hair styles and pull of Corrine Bailey Rae’s kinky curls. But that has not been possible. You see, with a hair extension costing $20 bag (One needs at least 2 to look good), and good hair salons offering $150 to install them, it would be financial suicide to attempt this feat. That being the case, I have looked greedily at the Kenyan market and noticed a general lacking in  “Tress FREEDOM”. This, shockingly, with prices for hair extension installation being relatively, dirt cheap.Today, I  decided to pack my belongings, both human and material. I have decided to leave a relatively great job and move from the “Land of opportunity”. Destination……………………… – Kenya. I will be coming back home with a large portfolio of Hairstyles that:

1.      I intend to introduce to the beautiful ladies of Kenya.

2.      I intend to use to further explore my desire to wake up to a different hair do every so often.

With the intentions of using a woman’s head as a blank canvas, I am going to provide the resources for women recreate hair extension masterpieces.Aaaahhhhhh euphoria! I have found it!!!My calling.>>>>>>“Tress Freedom- for the Blank canvas queens.”"Kinky= Sexy"

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