30 01 2011

Ladies in their prime are On top of their Game. They are wearing their weave in a very tasteful manner:

Here are some random pictures from Essense Magazine:

TRESS FREEDOM: “JORDIN” can give you a look similar to this

TRESS FREEDOM: “JORDIN”black can give you a look similar to this

TRESS FREEDOM: “NATASHA” can give you a look similar to this

I really like Beyonce's mom style:

I really like Beyonce’s mom style:

TRESS FREEDOM: “JORDIN” can give you a look similar to this

Though its not the same colour,TRESS FREEDOM: “IMAN” can give you a look similar to this

Hats are always a fave in my book

Hats are always a fave in my book

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OJ….Can one live without it?

23 01 2011

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Eggs! Great on crabcake bennedict. Also a great at home hair treatment.

Eggs! Great on crabcake bennedict. Also a great at home hair treatment.

Hair Egg Conditioner Recipe

1 teaspoon baby oil
1 egg yolk
1 cup water
Beat the egg yolk until its frothy, add the oil then beat again. Add to the water. Massage into the scalp and throughout your hair. Rinse well

Leaves hair, soft and shiny.

Orange Conditioner – oily hair

100g natural yoghurt
1 egg
1 tbsp fresh orange juice
Mix all the ingredients together. After shampooing, massage into the hair and leave for at least 3 minutes or longer if you wish.

21 01 2011


Stuff I looooved Today

Pics courtesy of essence magazine.

Marsha Ambrosius- You could play with the "Oprah" Wig to create an Illusion such as this


This is essentialy, the "Deep Wave" Bulk hair we have.


Our Water Wave Weave Bulk hair can create a look similar to this.

We DO NOT have this weave in this colour as of yet, however, Our Oprah Weave Comes in this amazing brilliant Hue of Maroon/Red.


19 01 2011


One of My Favorites: (We have this in # 1 black and #33 Brown)

Simply Saw this On to create looks similar to these

HERE is the Kicker when it comes to MARLEY WEAVE!~!!!!!!

Wet your Weave. I mean 100% DAMP.

Twist you weave hair while wet

Let you hair DRY naturally (No heat) and take out the Twists: and CORRINE BAILEY RAE! Here we come!!!!!

The above Look is the reason why the Marley Weave is on of my fave’ all time weaves!!!!

You can also Use the above technique and be creative to create a look Similar to this pic of one of my fave Bloggers :

And another Blogger here

If you FANCY yourself to be a bold person: Rock the hair from the 70’s………

Take the wefts


+ Cut the edges just a bit + Take a comp thru that Hair (Put some muscle into it)

Till when you weave your hair, It should look like this:

Then Pin that Hair Up like your mama taught you!~!!!


We have this in # 1 Black 14 and 16 inches:

DISCLAIMER: ONLY DO THE FOLLOWING TIPS AFTER YOU HAVE WORN THE WEAVE FOR A WHILE: It is usually very difficult (Though you can you tibe it) to Straighten Synthetic Hair after you have “Kinkified” it!

TIP 1:    Wet your Weave. Shuka 8 fat braids (matutas) on your Weave.

Dip the Braids In a glass of  HOT water for 5 seconds.

Let the hair dry naturally(No heat).(Wrap your head in a silk scarf and sleep) .Next morning; remove the matutas, add come coconut oil and comb thru your hair WITH YOUR FINGERS, massaging your hair gently  to create a look like this.

When you Vigourously comb thru the hair with a WIDE toothed comb. It should create a kinky hair look like this:

Now you can style that Kinky Hair Like this:

If you use A lot of hair, you can use the above mentioned techniques (Hot water + Braids) to create a kinky like afro like this


For those of you who love the Kinky Curly look:

We have Our Kinky Curly Synthetic Hair *BULK in #1 Black.

You can create these looks depending on whether you install a large quantity or small quantity of the weave.

The Hair Can get even kinkier and more natural looking depending on how often you comb the hair.


I would suggest 1st wearing the hair in its original state and detangling it ONLY using your fingers.

After a month or So….Comb the hair out with a comb to create a kinkier afro

Nicole From The blog Moptop maven has hair (Her natural hair) similar to this Weave


Revamp your kinky curls when they start to loose the curl…….

Do some Wet Twists and then Bantu Knots and let Dry Overnight. Then undo the knot outs for an Uber Sexy Aftocentric look


19 01 2011


Since deep bulk already has waves, simply take a curling iron and curl
the hair to achieve a look similar to this.

When deep bulk gets old, it still looks very edgy.


We have this in #1 black; And # 30 Brown : BULK HAIR: 14 inches:

You need 1.5 bags of hair (Minimum) to replicate Beyonce’s look above…

Here are a few Pics of celebrities and internet bloggers who have rocked the water wave weave.

COMB – (Slightly) the weave to create looks similar to the TWO pics above.

Use Pins for a Faux Bob

Wear the Weave With Lines


18 01 2011

Tree Braids

Tree braiding is similar to micro-braids but distinguishes itself from this traditional style by allowing a smooth transition from the braided section to the loose hair. The idea is as you braid your way down the hair, you remove small portions of the hair to be braided from your revolutions.  The removal of this hair camouflages or covers the braid allowing for a more natural look to the braided hair. Tree-braids can be individual like micro-braids as previously discussed or they can use cornrows/lines as a base.

 Cornrow/Lines Tree Braids

These are tree braids that use cornrows/lines as a base .Here are some great pictures from And other sites (Just Google cornrow tree braids) that depict the CORNROW tree braid technique.



You can YouTube “Cornrow Tree braids” to see tutorials on how to do tree braids. Also see the following websites on how this technique that has become an East coast ( USA ) phenomenon. 


Tree Braid Weave

The cornrow tree braid technique can be used to weave hair. Just like how weaves are traditionally done, simply cover the cornrow with your natural hair.

Here are some pictures from and other sites that depict the Cornrow Tree Braid Weave.


The reason why the Corn row tree braid weave is of interest to us is:

1.                  Every Kibanda to classy saloon from Westlands to Mathare can do cornrows/lines hence if they can cornrow, they can tree braid. This also means it will be cheaper to have your weave installed

2.                  This technique will eliminate the possibility of EVER having a bad weave installation. This is of great importance to Tress Freedom. Under No circumstances should there EVER be weird bumps, awkward hair parts or Tracks Showing on a weave installation. Sloppy work is usually done because weave installation has not been a common thing for Kenyan saloons. However, even in primary school, I could “shuka lines”. Hence, the chances of someone messing up your cornrow tree braid weave installation are pretty slim.

3.                  This style will last you for as long as three months and even allow you to easily swim and ponytail your hair without any problems.

4.                  Please look at the versatility of the weave in pictures above!!! You can style the hair any which way you please. Comb it to the Left/comb it to the right. (This is because the hair extensions are somewhat individual and free standing and will go anywhere you tell them. Unlike weft that typically face the ONE side you lay them on) Left bangs/Right bangs/ middle cut etc etc. You can even as much as have all styles available to you on ONE Cornrow tree braid  weave installation by simply leaving the Middle and Side parts of your hair out of the cornrow process to create a weave that can be styled in various ways.

5.                  Most important of all, the Cornrow tree braid weave will allow one to easily do Twist out and bantu knot outs on your weave for amazing styling.



In terms of what type of hair, you can use synthetic or human hair for tree braids. 
In terms of length, to maximize fullness and body, you should purchase hair that is at least 24 inches in length if you are doing individual tree braids. (The braids we normally do in Kenya ).

For cornrow tree braids you can use whatever length you desire to achieve desired results.  Make sure that you purchase individual hair strands (Bulk hair) NOT wefts and mind your wallet.  Unfortunately, due to this technique, it is virtually impossible to re-use the hair extensions


Tress Freedom has bulk hair available to you in different styles.

(See our next blog 4 style ideas)


The DEEP BULK – Premium Human Hair (We have this in # 1 black- 16 inches)

The Water Wave Bulk – Premium Human Hair (We have this in #1 black -14 inches & # 30 (Light brown) – 14 Inches)



Silky Straight – Premium synthetic Hair (We have this in #1 black 16 inches- 14 inches) 


Synthetic hair- Kinky Bulk


Synthetic Hair- Marley Bulk.



We are so passionate about Cornrow tree braid hair weaving method; we will personally go to several locally cheap hair salons and teach them this technique.

We will, in addition, post the locations of these salons on

We will also post what we call the Tress Freedom challenge. Show you how a hair was installed on a local Kenyan resident and the several ways in can be styled.

Bad hair day solutions: The case of the Head Wrap

17 01 2011

Some awesome things are being done with Kitambaa’s these days! Enjoy………………

Ps: The pics of Erykah were added albeit they have nothing to do with turbans……..For some obscure reason, we couldn’t help adding her in this post…..

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