The case of the Quick Weave/Half Wig & Body Wave- By Tress Freedom

6 01 2011

The “Tress Freedom” Quick Weave collection from our distributor in USA is fun and flirty, but also chic and professional depending on how you style the hair.

A quick weave is also popularly known as a half wig. Quick weave’s /half wig’s allow you to keep your hair in a protective style (cornrows/lines) which allow your hair to grow longer and thus rest it from all the damage you have put it thru ,throughout the year. They are also a cheaper and quicker way to change your look it minutes. And:

1:         Lets face it, having a good weave installed sometimes cost just as much at the hair

2:         You get the opportunity to have more body without having to pay for the extra bag of weave (PS: One needs 2 bags of hair for a good weave with good body)

To wear a quick weave /half wig with a Band, please see the following instructions.

To rock a more “weave trendy” look, simply do this instead.

Some tricks of the trade on wearing a half wig:

Make sure your natural hair color is similar to your “quick weave /half wig” in order for the two to blend in better and easier.

If you buy a quick weave that has straightened hair (a quick weave /half wig that is not Kinky) make sure the parts of your natural hair that are exposed are also straightened by either relaxing it or using a straightening Iron.

Always Use oil sheen to dress up the look. Virgin Coconut oil is a good Example. It adds a beautiful sheen to your tresses, while also strengthening strands and promoting healthy hair

Use Hair gel on your natural hair for better blending ONLY if your natural hair is already relaxed

So, in the month of Feb 2011, hop of a “Mat” or personal vehicle and come see our “kibanda” at a location to be disclosed. Try on our styles, see what tickles your fancy and purchase it for the most reasonable price in Kenya . Go home, “Shuka” some lines/cornrows on your hair and transform your look in just minutes.

Our Collection:

Body Wave——    (We have this in #1 black)

The Body Wave is a style of hair that it very popular with celebrities.Here are some samples of the Body Wave hair style.

Achieve the above look by combing the hair and shaking your head vigorously after to wear it.

You can ALSO kill the monotony of your Quick weave/Half wig by styling your hair as follows.

Faux Bob: For a more formal / professional look. Pin your hair back in the back to give the illusion of a bob like this.

Pompadour: Bunch some of the front part of the hair in the Middle issuing a pin and leave the rest to fall to your back like this:

Wear it with a head band: Brush the lower part of the wig vigorously to create an illusion of Body to your hair like Leona Lewis below.

Side Swept:

Side Swept + Braid: Just awesome! (Especially Useful when your wig begins to grow Old and tangly)




2 responses

28 03 2011
clare Zeetah

where can i get the half weave/wig and how much do they go for?

28 03 2011
Tress Freedom

Clare, We will have them in stock April 8th @ Market Center Stall : Stall A4: (near Tusky’s City matket). The range between ksh 2400-3000. They are also free to try on!

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