Jordin- By Tress Freedom

6 01 2011

Jordin”: (We have this in Black and #33 Brown)

Jordin is a wavy “Quick weave/ Half wig” that is especially designed for the more conservative but stylish lady. Here are some ladies that have had their hair styled like our Jordin “Quick weave/ Half wig”.

Take a wide toothed (Preferably padded) comb.

PLEASE NOTE: Although you can use any comb for styling your wig, it’s best to use wide toothed combs for curly and wavy hair. Also try not to use brushes as too much brushing can damage your wig.

Put your wig on and Brush the wig from the side of your head towards your face. Use gentle strokes and never pull away harshly if the wig is tangled. Run your fingers through to remove the knots .Repeat brush stokes 3-4 times on each side. use your fingers to add curl to the sides. It should create a style similar to this.

Get synthetic wig hair HOLDING sprays and styling cream to hold your style.

Be careful certain human hair sprays can degenerate the synthetic hair fibers

You can Style the “Quick weave/ half wig” in a half pull back/half down hairstyle as seen below.

The side swept hair style is always an elegant look.

The Push back, some pins, and holding spray can create a look similar to this.

Carefully use hair pins to create looks like these for going out to elegant events.

When the “Quick weave/ half wig” begins to grow old and tangled

Use head bands and pins to create a look like Janet.

Or side sweep your hair and braid like the picture below of the ever stunning Thandie Newton.




2 responses

6 01 2011

Wow this looks great! When will you be in Nairobi. How much is this one

7 08 2012

Any instructions on how to achieve the 4th water wave weave pictured? Also, what brand is that weft kinky hair? Thanks 😀

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