“NATASHA”-By TressFreedom

7 01 2011

“Natasha”: (We have this in Black)

The name Natasha was inspired by my favorite HLN news anchor “Natasha Curry”. I Heart Natasha + Her tresses.

Here are some bloggers and celebs and 70’s Icons that have rocked this hairstyle. (Pics courtesy of essence magazine)

Take a wide toothed (Preferably padded) comb.

PLEASE NOTE: Although you can use any comb for styling your wig, it’s best to use wide toothed combs for curly and wavy hair. Also try not to use brushes as too much brushing can damage your wig.

Put your wig on and Brush the wig from the side of your head towards your face. Use gentle strokes and never pull away harshly if the wig is tangled. Run your fingers through to remove the knots .Repeat 3-4times on each side. It should create a semblance of body similar to this.

Wear your comb out with a head band

Use a pin to create a faux bob similar to this.

Or a Pompadour like this.

Side sweep the Natasha for Elegance.




2 responses

5 02 2013

how do I get this hair?

11 04 2013
Tress Freedom

Only In Kenya and we are currently sold out in black: If u are in Kenya please send us a shout-out on wordpress and we will be in touch.

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