13 09 2012

Hello ya’ll…will keep it short & Simple….

We perfected the Corrine Bailey Look.

My Sis “just got her hair did”………..chewing gum.


3 bags required (One is priced @ Ksh 700- Only 12 in black and 27 in Red/brown left) Get it while you still can as we complete our clearance.

text 0712083411 to order.

Dare to be Different.

More Pics on





5 09 2012



We are now more active on Facebook. See daily picture posts of Hair Styles we think are RAD, People rocking our products & Suggest Subjects for our interactive CHATS.

Today’s pic of the Day is this hottie on instagram

To pull off something similar, (Perfect for those naturals in the TWA stage)

  • Use 2 bags of our kinky braid hair (few left) install small medium braids and only plait an inch and leave the rest unbraided.
  • Section off your newly braided extensions into 10 large bunches. Use the thread and hot water technique to curl the hair. Most saloons in Kenya know how to do this. Make sure the curls are very tight.
  • After your hair dries, separate the the strands with your fingers, style and cut the hair to match the style above.

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