Tress Freedom is a Human hair and Synthetic hair retailer:

In Nairobi : We are located online for orders at tressfreedom@gmail.com or by text


TressFreedom offers a varied selection of quality wigs,weave and hair products at the best price.
TressFreedom has a high level of ambition when it comes to the durability and quality of our products. This is part of our business concept.


10 responses

20 07 2011


I am interested in purchasing hair, but I am in the United States. What is the cost for hair and do you do international shipping?

Thank you

22 07 2011
Tress Freedom

Sorry for the late reply. We are working on it. But I am sorry, we currently do not cater to the american market.

12 08 2011

Hi,I’m in South Africa and absolutely love the Marley weave. Is there a way I can get it?

28 08 2011
Tress Freedom
8 04 2012

Have you started taking orders to people in the united states yet. I really like the hair but I has a previous post that stated you dont sell to the U.S. yet

17 07 2012
Tress Freedom

We do not sell to the states yet my dear.

2 06 2012
Brandy Rogers

Hi, i am also in the US, and would like to purchase some Marley Weft hair. When if at all will you began servicing clients in the US

17 07 2012
Tress Freedom

Brandy. Try the weave stores in NewYork…especially in Harlem and brooklyn. I saw them there and was inspired to come up with my own line via a chinese based company. I hope u know someone in the east coast. I am a very small time business lady. Will probably not be selling in the States Anytime soon.

5 09 2012
Martha Wamalika

Hi, I’m at Kapsabet, Eldoret. How do I get Oprah weave brown?

5 09 2012
Tress Freedom

Hello- We can do old faithful Mpesa & I can mail it to you via Easy Coach (The way i do it with my out of town friends). Or……..you can have someone pick it up for you in Nairobi. They can text us 0712083411. Thank you.

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