How to Defrizz your PREMIUM synthetic hair extension or wig.

22 07 2011

See link below from JeezLouise.

Swing by a salon and SUPERVISE these activities!


    Tong/Curler MUST BE CERAMIC
    ALWAYS STORE your wig/weave in the packaging provided.
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    The Vesatility of Quick Weaves/ Half Wigs

    27 04 2011

    Let’s talk about the Math First:

    Putting relaxer/ Retouch – Minimum Ksh 500

    Having a weave installed – Minimum Ksh 800…….and they never do it like you want.

    Buying hair as bulky as TressFreedom (2.5 bags and of the same quality) – Minimum Ksh 3000

    Total : Ksh 4300

    Then you sleep in it, shower in it & it deteriorates in 3 weeks and still your hair lacked versatility. Of styling and probably did not look as HOT as TressFreedom.

    What are you waiting for? Come see us- 0712083411

    *********Oprah got combed***********


    Quick Weaave/ Half Wig : The comb puts the wig in place

    Quick Weaave/ Half Wig : The comb puts the wig in place

    Oprah in Black and Rihanna Red (before the combing)

    Oprah in Black and Rihanna Red (before the combing)

    Use a padded comb to comb your baby

    Use a padded comb to comb your baby

    Comb only from the tips UP!

    Comb only from the tips UP!

    The Inspiration............

    The Inspiration…………



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    7 01 2011

    Proper Wig Care for Synthetic Hair Wigs

    Synthetic Hair Wigs are much easier to maintain and manage compare to human hair wigs. Most of these wigs come pre-styled and that means you won’t have to spend too much time restyling it.

    When Washing

    Always make sure to use cool water when washing synthetic wigs. Use synthetic wig shampoo and conditioners recommended by your wig dealer. Like human hair wigs, do not scrub it but instead whoosh it sideways and upside down. You can also pat it softly to even the wash.

    Drying the Wig

    Leave it in a cool place to dry, like your living room avoiding sun light. Like human hair wigs, too much UV rays might damage the fibers liveliness and color. After drying, comb and brush it (ONLY FOR STRAIGHT WIGS) and apply detangling spray if needed.

    Setting Synthetic Wig

    Setting synthetic wigs are just like human hair ones, just follow these basic steps and you are done.

    Comb the wig from the bottom to the tip and make sure it’s not tangled up and then set rollers with rolling papers and setting cream.

    You can place the wig on a sitting drier for 40 minutes to 1 hour but I do recommend you to just place it on a wig stand or Styrofoam. Heat is not good for synthetic wig, so just in case it’s best not to try your luck.

    Once it’s dried up, take out the rollers and papers and style to your liking.

    Styling Synthetic Wigs

    Synthetic wigs CANNOT STAND HOT STYLING TOOLS. Make sure you don’t use

    • Hot blow driers (Cold settings are okay)
    • Curling Irons
    • Flat Irons
    • Steamer
    • Anything that heats up the wig

    You can straighten and style your wig on a wig stand and steam it with a cloth steamer on low settings instead as you comb.

    Get synthetic wig hair sprays and styling cream to prolong your synthetic wig’s lifespan. Certain human hair sprays can degenerate the synthetic hair fibers.

    Although you can use any comb for styling your wig, it’s best to use wide toothed combs for curly and wavy hair. Also try not to use brushes as too much brushing can damage your wig. If you have preset spiral curls or dreads, just use your fingers to brush it.

    Storing Your Wig

    When you are not using it, store it in a hair net or on a wig stand. For travelling, just get a wig box to prevent it from tangling.

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